I am rendered powerless to it's immensity. i feel the gravity of it's presence the same way i feel my fingers. an extremity, a version of myself. I am consumed. I can't help but wonder what the earth must have been like when ice covered and engulfed it's being. before the ice caps were pushed to the tip of the hemishperes. when this glacier i stand before was at it's largest. at present it is just a shell of what it once was. with this in mind, the withered and dying glacier is far less consuming, far less intoxicating. i glance at everything else in it's wake. the coast, the sea, the hills, the lakes. all shaped by what this once was, not what it is today.

i think of the glaciers of my past. the things that shaped the landscape of who i am today. those once immense consuming aspects of my life that now lay withering in the poles of my soul.

the first love. advancing so rapidly i didn't have time to react. flowing like liquid, carving as though a solid mass. only to retreat just as fast as it came. leaving emotional till and moraines in it's wake.

the drugs. etching away at my mind and body carving valleys. eroding the layers that protect my soft core. exposing the minerals and elements of myself. dulling the peaks of my life into rolling hills.

the death. pieces of my whole calving into the sea. enunciating the cracks and crevasses. the ablation of someone i love. left eviscerated, and broken.

...the cyclical aspect of glaciation and the parallels to my life resound across the ice scape and through my body as the effects of isostasy rebalance the earth and my soul..