iambic pentameter

the only way i can liken it to anything tangible is through the example of light. imagine the light being sucked away, all the light. to where is not important. imagine everything that filled you up, that lifted you up, has slipped away silently. you can't pin down the exact moment when it occurred. all you know is the light is all gone. 

imagine anticipating the dark that will surely follow, you are waiting to plummet, and be embraced by the black. you know you are going somewhere where you can hide. the solace that you will find when you reach that inky dark place is what you dream of. imagine holding your breath, waiting for the instant when you finally hit the bottom.

imagine that time never coming. that is what it is. you are frozen, paralyzed, in limbo. you try desperately to rise up, you try so hard to fall down.  this is what i felt after i stopped to feel, before i begun to feel again.