Asteraceae, metaphorically

If I were edible I would be lettuce. Green, crisp, cool, lettuce. 

I’m lettuce because growth comes easy to me. Adaptations to a multitude of situations. I change and I learn. I thrive, even in dire conditions.


I’m lettuce because I’m raw.  Unrefined and unedited. Natural and real. From soil to plate, I don’t require much preparation.


I can be sweet and I can be bitter. Dark or light. Diverse and versatile. You’ll never get the same bite twice.


I am layered. I am delicate. I bruise and I wilt. Handle with caution, store me with care.


I am lettuce most, not because of what I am, but because of what I want. I want to be the platform on which you shine.  I want to hide beneath you and let your flavors expound upon the palate. I want to be the foundation that brings the garden together. Alone I am lettuce, but together we make a salad.


I am lettuce. More than fine by myself, but I’m better with you.